What Directors Say

    B. Nash . . . .

      "Beguiling, vindictive, endearing, or just plain LOUD! You can always get what you want with Juana ..... and better still - - you can trust this talent to shine through her personal choices as well. Definitely on my A-list".

Seeing Voices

    Eric Doyle . . . .

      "Juana prioritizes her passionate dedication to story, truth and character above individual accolades or motivations -- that's what makes her a true professional and an effective, insightful collaborator. Her zesty personality, compassion, generosity and humor were instrumental during rehearsals and our shoot.

I'd work with her again and again."

Director/ Producer

    Immanuel Martin . . . .

      "Juana is a very talented actor who brings an incredible amount of creativity and energy to her roles. She was always ready to make the extra effort for my film, Diez. She stood with the project from beginning to end. I was very happy to have cast Juana in my film and hope to work with her again."

Diez / Hiina-Chan Films

Lise Swenson . . . .

      "When we were holding auditions for Mission Movie, we were looking for a character by the name of Antonio. He was a strong, stuck in his ways, yet a funny character. A 3rd generation Mexican - American, he owned a restaurant his parents had worked in ...so he had a strong sense of belonging and was a very righteous kind of man.

We had probably seen about 100 people and still hadn't met this character...then Juana walked in the door. She read and I was like ...... ' Oh, my God! There's Antonio - a.'

Antonio turned into Antonia.

In the audition, Juana embodied in her acting skill what we were looking for in the breadth of the 'Antonio' character ...someone who was identified with their ethnicity as well as by where they had been all their lives, which was here in the United States.

Juana had the ability to play this multi-faceted character with strength and humor. She didn't know it, but she was cast on the spot.

Then during the rehearsal process, Juana engaged in a wonderful give and take.

We came up with a story line and scene descriptions, then worked in an improv setting. Juana is a fabulous improv artist. She could really get the character, get the scene and jump right in without fear and the ability to repeat things to find the way it should be delivered, to find the language that was going to be appropriate.

She was great to work with in a back and forth situation. We did three drafts of every scene and she was fabulously easy to work with.

She enjoys improv. She always came to the set prepared. She knew her lines. It was a joy to work with her.

I think its so exciting to be casting older women in strong roles and Juana played a strong woman fabulously. She is a very embodied person, she's very sexy and I think it's exciting that those images are on the screen. It's to my best interests.

Mission Movie

To see trailer go to: www.missionmovie.org/


    Amir Jaffer . . . .

      "Juana is an extremely talented actor who portrays the character in its true spirit. She is insightful, a perfectionist and a professional. It was a pleasure to work with her on Between Places. And I look forward to working with her again."

Between Places

To see trailer go to: http://betweenplacesmovie.com/

    Harjant Gill . . . .

      "Juana was a treat to work with. Always lively, always on the go. Juana blew me away with her monologue (during casting) and we ended up changing the script to cast her into Mission Movie. Juana played Antonia, who was originally Antonio."

Casting Director
Mission Movie

    Alice Shikina . . . .

      "Juana is a wonderful actress. She is instinctive and natural at what she does. She takes direction very easily which is a plus for directors!"

Associate Director
Three Wise Monkeys Theatre Company

    Figen Soydemir . . . .

      "As soon as I saw Juana's performance at the auditions, I knew that she was 'the one'. I was so lucky and happy to hear that she accepted to participate in my project. When we started rehearsing she had already grabbed the text so skillfully that she not only fulfilled her task perfectly as an actor, but also contributed immensely with her invaluable experience and insight both to the film and to my directing experience. It was also great fun to work with her. Despite the inconvenience of working outdoors in heavy rain and troublesome noise, which made us do a lot of takes again and again. Due to her professional and perfectionist approach, she never complained and did her best in every single take. It was more than a pleasure for me and the team to work with her and I am sure it is a privilege for any team or director to undergo such a professional, joyful and insightful experience of cooperating with her.

Thank you very much, Juana ,
... and keep up the good work!"

Love Seranade / Tek Films

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